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  • How to Tell If a Montreal Escort Agency ...

    December 10th, 2012

    If you’re in the market for an escort agency in Montreal, then you have probably noticed that there are a couple of options available to you, but how do you know if they are a legitimate company or a front for prostitution? It is actually pretty common for a legitimate escort agency in Montreal to be mistaken or accused of being a cover [...]

  • My Brother Is Bringing Escorts From Vict...

    November 1st, 2012

    My brother has had enough of romantic relationships for the moment, after his most recent girlfriend broke his heart. He had still not fully recovered from his divorce at the time. Jay says for the next several months, he’s taking a break from romance, but he feels like he needs to continue bringing dates to corporate events. He has started [...]

Every Town is Different

Woman laying down

Assuming women are the same everywhere is a rookie mistake. If you approach each encounter as if it's the first, you'll get to know your escort much more quickly and skip any awkwardness.

Don't Be a Creep

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Escorts have protection through their agency from the more unsavory clientele, which means that if you rub them the wrong way, you could be denied service.

Explore Your Boundaries

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Have you ever been curious? Escorts are the perfect guide into realms unknown. Experience your fantasies like never before with beautiful women that are just your type!